Matilde Soligno’s research focuses on time as subjective experience opposed to objective clock time that normally defines our daily life. Soligno’s pictures capture moments in time, freezing and thus expanding them to generate an impression of duration. Inviting us to pay attention to objects and situations that are usually overlooked, the artist wants us to realize that often things are not what they seem.
The exhibition presents a selection of works chosen from the two series “Immaginari interiori” (Inner Imaginaries) and “Del Tempo” (About Time). Even if these works are part of the same discourse on time – yet addressed under different angles – the common thread here is based on a different ground: the perturbing side of the ordinary. Indeed, the magic of Soligno’s photographs lies particularly in their ability to unveil the weirdness of everyday interiors, objects, and scenarios.

Hence, the display seeks to create an aesthetic path that goes from the home to the city suburbia, suggesting a trip in which the external world and the inner reality, matter and memory, are interwined. The clock time overlaps the subjective time, producing a sort of parallel universe of suspended time, leading to revelation. Soligno’s photographs aim to render the “normal” extraordinary, to raise questions and turn on the interest in the world around us, which she presents as a fascinating source of visions and things to discover and investigate.

Born in 1980 in Bologna, Italy, Matilde Soligno holds a BS in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna, focusing on art history and media, and a MA degree in photography at the European Institute of Design (IED), Milan.
Her works appeared in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad including Artexregalo, group exhibition, Circolo Culturale Bertolt Brecht, Milan (2006); Phe En La Calle, open-air video projections, Photoespaña 07, Madrid (2007); A New Outlook On The World, group exhibition curated by Julian Cox and Jane Jackson, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, USA (2008); Pass the Picture international project, in collaboration with Goethe Institut Malaysia, group exhibition at Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Land is Unchanged, group digital projection at S.T. Gallery, Rome (2008).
A solo show is opening in New York, at the Ennagon Gallery, on Decemeber 10th, 2008.

Matilde Soligno

Ennagon Gallery


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